Ideal Content works with many companies. One company we worked with was a home mortgage company. As a favor, they gave us these tips for our visitors.

Get an Inspection

A home inspection can uncover serious issues that you may have never noticed, including a bug infestation, faulty foundation, leaky roof and hidden water damage. Always have a home inspected before closing the agreement. It may cost up to $500 to inspect the home but it’s well worth the price.


Be Prepared to Cover Closing Costs info for brochures and mailers

There are a number of closing costs you’ll need to cover before purchasing. Prepaid expenses such as homeowners and mortgage insurance, mortgage points to lower your loan’s overall interest rate, and out of pocket expenses for deed recording, tax services and other miscellaneous costs. If you aren’t sure how much you’ll need to pay, talk to your loan officer so you know what to expect.


Get Final Mortgage Approval

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will help you gain a home seller’s trust as it shows you are serious about buying his or her home. Even so, you’ll still need final mortgage approval from your mortgage lender in order to obtain funding for your purchase. A mortgage company will typically work with an underwriter to review your documents one last time before providing you with the home loan. The underwriter will make sure your paperwork is accurate and your financial situation is the same as when you originally applied for a pre-approved mortgage loan.