Here at Ideal Content, we pride ourselves on our customer service and of course our top quality. Since starting in 2013, we have had many years to perfect our services and strive to do the best, be the best and make sure you are happy with your products and our services offered. In fact, most of our customers are constantly saying how much they appreciate our work, and how great our products are (how much business they got due to these unique products). Where others may “cut” corners to save money, we make sure we only use the highest quality of product/pieces in anything we make for you. Also, we make sure that we stay in touch with you, giving you updates, and of course (best of all) we reply to all emails, calls, etc. Where others might not return a call, reply to an email, we make sure we do. This is our company motto.

As proof, just look at our gallery page and see our customers and the work we have done! We are also known for our 110% custom work. Any idea, any shape, any size we can make it for you (again, look at our gallery page), nothing is impossible or can’t be done, thus the name Ideal Content!

Here’s why you should choose our services:

  • Use of superior-quality, brand new parts such as monitor, batteries, motherboard and more
  • Wide product range of varied specifications
  • Supply of Grade A, recycled parts
  • One of the only few manufacturers of video brochures globally
  • Prompt and efficient handling of queries and concerns
  • Remote and on-site after-sale support
  • Quick turnaround time of 1-2 weeks
  • Free shipping across the United States
  • No additional overseas waiting time

Service you can’t ignore

While we only use top-quality components for assembling our units, sometimes it may require servicing. From identifying the problem to sending you a replacement product, we offer a wide range of after-sale services.

Since we ship globally, we understand that different time zones can impact the working hours of our various customers. To be accessible to you at all times, we offer round-the- clock service. Our talented team of customer service representatives has experience handling various problems and we can solve your concern within a few minutes.

Our number one priority is to ensure the least amount of hassle and hindrance to our customers. We constantly strive to provide you a wonderful experience.

Game changers

We pride ourselves on being innovators in our field of marketing brochures. We constantly aim to bring new products to the market, before our competitors and change the rules of the game. Every product we design is made keeping in mind the requirements of various customers. Feel free to take a look at our gallery to view our new-to-the-market products.

Set Yourself Apart And Take Your Promotional Game To The Next Level. Get In Touch For A Quote

Are you looking for a unique solution to your marketing needs? The team at Ideal Content is here to assist you. We are renowned for the manufacture and sale of quality video brochures. We supply across the US and overseas. Ideal Content is a marketing company! We are 5 years old and based in Los Angeles with factories around the world to meet our customer needs.

Here at Ideal Content we specialize in manufacturing custom made smart brochures (video mailers), and smart promo blocks and more. We pride ourselves on making a high end quality marketing piece that not only makes you stand apart from others, but resonates with the customer for some time, due to the WOW factor because of this new and unique marketing tool. When one gets a smart brochure or smart promo block, they are so amazed with the piece they proceed to show three others, so your message is not only seen by one, but three!

NOW, the best part of working with us, is our price per unit includes everything!  Meaning we do NOT charge you extra fees for shipping, set up etc. We are a “one stop shop” (based here in the U.S.), so the price we quote you (per unit) is all in.

We pride ourselves on Quality and Communication, meaning we get back to you right away, and in our work with you along the way we do not go “missing in action”. Contact us for more information.