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At Ideal Content, our team has always focused on marketing technology and innovation since our inception. In tune with our strategies, we have recently released a whole host of video-in-print products that are sure to be of benefit to you.

Our latest innovations

Take a look at some of our state-of-the-art products below. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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google partners fold out brochure


Video Boxes

video boxes


marketing brochures


Coffee Table Books

coffee table books

Smart Promo Blocks

Is it a game? A puzzle? It’s a fun and interesting way to showcase your product or services for sure!

Smart Promo Blocks

Is it a game? A puzzle? It’s a fun and interesting way to showcase your product or services for sure!

and more!

Smart Talking Brochures

These WiFi-based brochures not only play videos, but they can place a call too. You can feed in the telephone numbers you want and place a call directly via the brochure. This is the perfect tool in your marketing arsenal.

Camera Video Mailers

This is a video brochure with an in-built camera that can record a live message. Our existing customers have found these mailers to be very useful in creating personalized advertisements for their customers.

Smart Promo Blocks

A play on the traditional Rubik’s Cube and fidget spinner, these promo blocks can be moved around and their shapes changed. They are perfect to advertise your new product or display your company’s logo. The cubes are completely customizable and you can have any message or design printed onto these. Smart blocks are engaging and entertaining at the same time and are the perfect giveaways during conferences.


Want to stand out from your competition?

We’re committed to making your product or service get noticed, – If you’re a passionate business and think you should stand apart from your competitors, reach out to us at Ideal Content and discover the opportunity.

Serving across industries

Our products are industry favorites across sectors. Companies such as Sony, Viacom, Disney, Deloitte, Caterpillar, Cognizant and others have been loyal customers for years. Speak to our team for more information about shipping and pricing.

Your ideas are our creation!

Ideal Content prides itself on quick production and super-fast turnaround. We answer our phones, return calls, and always reply to your emails! We are in communication with you 100% of the time! The staff at Ideal Content will work with you to ensure that your vision exceeds your expectations.

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