Yes we can get you a quote for video brochure prices>, although we do not have a rate card per se as the video brochure/video mailer is completely custom made for you, the way you want it (shape, size, features, etc.).

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We have a minimum order of 100 units on the Smart Brochures and 500 units on the Smart Blocks. Prices usually start at $35 a unit (min order) for the Smart Brochures and $5 (min order) for the Smart Blocks (Price really varies on the quantity you order, the screen size, length of your video(s), etc.). We can get you a quick quote over the phone when you are ready. Our prices include all, there are NO set up fees, and shipping to you is included in our price. Here are some key points to think with:

1. Is your video already finished?
2. The budget for something like this usually ranges from $2,000 to $4,000+ depending on customization.
3. Is this for you, or a client?
4. Are you looking to have these made in the next 1-3 months?

We make it the way you want, with your artwork, we load the videos, and you pick the size, shape etc., like you see here.

Yes we have a solution for Smaller Orders: If you want, 5, 10 or 20 video brochures, we can sell you pre-made blank units.

These units have NO artwork on them, they come in Black or White, and have 256 MB of space, and you upload your own video, and have three buttons on them, Play/Pause and Volume Up and Down. Also, since they are already made/produced they are here and ready to ship out today.  The price is as follows:

5 Inch Screen: $65
7 Inch Screen $75
10 inch screen $95

If you want to order, then please fill out the attached form, and send it back.

Our SMART brochures are completely custom made to your NEEDS. We can do anything you can imagine! We do FULL 4 color printing on every facing which could include UV coating, Soft touch, Matte/Glossy finish, etc. Also, since we put your video(s) in the unit, the space required can be suited to your needs too-any length.

NOW, the best part of working with us, is our price per unit includes everything!  Meaning we do NOT charge you extra fees for shipping, set up etc. We are a “one stop shop” (based here in the U.S.), so the price we quote you (per unit) is all in.

We pride ourselves on Quality and Communication, meaning we get back to you right away, and work with you along the way we do not go “missing in action”.

Maybe we can set up a call and we can get you a quote right over the phone if you are in a rush?

Although to give you an idea, pricing usually varies from $25 to $45 a unit, with a minimum order of 100 units. The price for a 5 inch screen can range from $25 to $35, and 7 inch from $35 to $45 a unit (depending on order size and custom needs), although we have other sizes available. Each unit comes with three free buttons (Play/Pause and Volume Up/Down), a 1 to 2  hour re-chargeable battery, free USB charging cord (this can also be used to change out the video later), 256 MB of memory (enough for a 10 minute video), yes you can put longer videos on there, and multiple videos too.

If still interested, we can get you a quick quote if you can answer these simple questions:

1. How many video brochures would you want to order?
2. How long is your video, or videos?
3. What size screen do you want?
4. Any other special features you may want, i.e. Mailing Box, extra flap, extra buttons, business card holder, certain shape/size (the options are endless).

Samples (PLEASE NOTE):

Yes we can send you out a sample/demo. Although we want to make sure you know that our minimum order is 100 units (we can do any order amount above this 500, 1,000, 2,500, 10,000, 25,000), and our prices range from $25 to $50 a unit, depending on your needs (lower price for larger orders).

If you are requesting a sample YES we can send you one BUT we are sending you a DEMO and sample only. We are pulling a sample of what we did for another customer, so if the sample does not have what you want on there, that is because the customer we made this for wanted those choices! It’s like a car, you can select what you want when ordering a custom made video brochure, or anything from us.  So the demo (car) we show you is just to give you a feel, then tell us what you want.

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