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The #1 Place For Video Brochures

Create eye catching custom promotions for your company that will stand out and wow your customers.


Engage senses of physical touch, audio and visual

Video brochures are more impactful as it combines physical touch and engages more senses.

an immensely powerful tool in your marketing repertoire

Video Brochures Are An Innovative And Exciting Way to Stand Out Against Your Competitors

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While some marketing materials may seem somewhat innocuous, a video brochure and the impact that they have the potential to bring to your business is the exact opposite. From the brochure design to every last part of your video’s editing, you are in control. These distinct marketing materials are 100% customizable. Because of this, they have the potential to be extremely eye-catching while immediately saying something about your business.

The possibilities for their usage are also nearly limitless. With their size and portability, you can take these marketing materials anywhere, from a convention to your front desk or retail space, where it might catch the eye of a client or customer. They are also able to be passed around anywhere, which means that they can easily find their way to the desk of someone important who makes big decisions, such as a CEO or reliable customer.

50 % More
Likely to Buy
64% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service after they watch a video about it.
0 % Info
People retain almost 95% of a video message compared to 10% of what they read in text.
0 % More Likely
to Buy
Print plus video are the most effective mediums driving sales, increasing brand awareness.
0 % Increase in
Brand Image
Video brochures improve a company’s image by almost 75%, plus create an impression that resonates for months.
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Smart Promo Blocks

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Our Smart 3D Promo Blocks!

you find the right company

#1 In Video Brochures & Quality Customer Service

Ideal Content will only utilize high-quality, brand-new components for such things as the monitor, batteries, motherboard, and other electronic components for your branding materials.

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We Offer Products Guaranteed To Impress The Most High-End Customers In Any Industry

Browse our most popular products. We can fully customize your order to create whatever your vision. 

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The Biggest Brands

We want our customers to choose us and decide to come back again and again because of their stellar service.

"$1M Contract Secured"
"One of our clients got a video brochure and signed up with us immediately, million dollar contract because of the video brochure."
"We Got a $50k Donation"
"I sent out one video mailer and got a $50,000 donation to our capital campaign.
"BAM, New Customers"
"When we need new customers, we always send out the smart brochures, and BAM, we have new customers."
"It Works"
"We keep re-ordering the video brochure because it works.

Take your marketing to the next level.

“Through our cognition-based coaching and consulting approach, we facilitate your business growth from small to mid-size, from mid-size to global, or from crisis to success.

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