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The Special Aspects of a Video Box

Your marketing tools and promotional campaigns can make or break your business. Companies are constantly competing for the attention of similar audiences, and keeping on top of what’s new and current is essential to keeping eyes on your business. That’s what video boxes are here to do. They’re a deceptively simple tool that are rapidly disrupting how people are marketing, and for good reason.

Each box is customized to your product and brand and features a built-in screen and speakers. Video boxes are perfect for housing samples of your products with video instructions or explanations and sending them to potential clients and brand partners. They also work great as gift boxes. To see why this device is so special, let’s look into some of the key features that make them so convenient and downright fun to use.

Theft Deterrent

Your video boxes and the content within will be extensively customized and branded so you won’t have to worry about competitors stealing what you already made. You can be certain that anyone who sees one of your video boxes knows exactly what company made it. This will make it impossible for another company to steal this promotional tool and your product to pass off as their own. Your customers will love that your product comes with video instructions right inside the box, which will set you apart from your competitors.

Safe and Secure

Since video boxes are a relatively simple piece of technology to utilize, you won’t have to worry about certain aspects of other digital marketing approaches, such as login info or server access, being exploited. The only thing that anyone will have access to is what is in the box and the actual video so you can easily avoid including any personal information or trade secrets.

Completely Customized

In some ways, our video marketing materials are more customizable than traditional paper pamphlets. We allow you to choose your specs, design, branding, and anything else that you want to include in your campaign. While we do have categories of design, we do not restrict our clients with only a handful of premade templates, everything from the size of screen, number of buttons and size and shape of the box is up to you

Works for Everyone

Unlike other marketing materials, video boxes can be accessed by nearly everyone. The audio-visual component allows access for certain people with disabilities. Plus the device itself is simple enough for anyone to use; even those who are older and wouldn’t necessarily be incredibly tech-savvy. This, of course, allows for your product to attract a larger audience.

Displayed Anywhere

Thanks to innovative product design, our video boxes can be sent or displayed nearly anywhere. Video boxes are fitted with an IPS screen that can be played at any angle. Plus, they can be propped up to be displayed on a table. Our box exteriors are also portable and sturdy enough to survive any unforeseen incidents that may damage other materials.

Modernize Your Marketing With Video Boxes

Don’t settle for subpar marketing that doesn’t excite your customers, clients, or brand ambassadors. If you’re ready to improve your company’s branding and break through the status quo, our experts are here to help. Regardless of project size, we will be able to assist you. If you need any help in creative decisions or knowing what customizations will work best for you and your product, our expert team will be happy to work with you to design something unique.

To receive a free quote, contact us at any time. We pride ourselves in being responsive, detailed, and thorough with every client, no matter the industry.

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