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The Video Box Is Revolutionizing The Way We Promote Products

Marketing tools and techniques are always changing. Implementing the newest gadgets and toys, when done without consideration or care, can feel like a waste of time, leaving your company behind. New, helpful tools have the potential to be downright revolutionary, especially when certain elements of them have been proven to work. Enter the LCD video box. This device is a simple, tried and true concept (providing branding and company information in an easy-to-use package) modernized to fit a faster-paced audience that absorbs and retains audiovisual information more easily than traditional written information.


We’ve all had similar convention booth horror stories. You try to pass out as many marketing materials as you can, only to find out that your audience has a million pamphlets, buttons, and key chains similar to yours. You start to see familiar flyers in trash cans, and people who you want to make a good impression with are shuffling your materials to the bottom of their pile of papers they got that day.

Staying competitive in business is about keeping up with what’s current and standing out from the crowd. One huge advantage with video pamphlets is that they provide a unique, novel experience with an eye-catching presentation that’s completely customizable to your brand and style. More people will be willing to actually investigate what’s inside the packaging and listen to what you have to say. They will also be more likely to pass on your marketing materials and talk about your product to people in their social or business circle that make important decisions. The fact that our LCD video boxes and brochures are so portable also assist in their ease of distribution. They’re easy to hand out at events, to mail to potential customers, or to give as gifts to influential people.

Reach More People Than Ever

Being eye-catching, novel, and portable aren’t the only reasons that video boxes and brochures might be a hit at your next meeting or event. They happen to be extremely easy to use, and accessible for a wide audience. Because of the relative lack of technical features (no sign on information or wifi access needed), they can be operated by a wide variety of people, not just technically savvy ones.

Our materials work through the audiovisual medium, meaning people with various disabilities (such as being vision-impared, deaf or hard of hearing, or not having the strength to turn multiple pages) can access your branding. Of course, this also provides a certain level of convenience that your general audience will greatly appreciate. Remember, the name of the game is bringing as many eyes to your branding for as long as possible, and these devices are one way to do just that.

See What LCD Video Box can do for Your Marketing

If you’re ready to make a change to improve your company’s branding, our experts here at Ideal Content can help. We value consistency and communication in everything we do and will assist you through every aspect of the project. If you need any help with creative decisions or knowing what customizations will work best for you, our team will be happy to guide you. To receive a free quote, contact us at any time. We pride ourselves in being responsive, detailed, and thorough with every client, no matter the size or industry.

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