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Video Boxes Can Give Your Tech Company a Further Advantage

As a tech company, you are looking for a special way to stand out from the crowd with your company marketing. Unfortunately, it can often seem like more traditional methodologies, such as flyers and billboards, aren’t quite working. The world is changing, and so should you. That’s where video box mailers come in. These devices are small boxes that contain branding relevant to your company and a video that can detail everything that you would normally put in a more traditional pamphlet. To give you an idea on what these devices can do for you, here are some ways that video pamphlets and video box mailers can help your tech company gain a more competitive edge.

Video Boxes Will Make You Stand Out

Company marketing is everywhere these days. You can hardly go to a hotel without having a paper pamphlet shoved in your face or ride public transport without seeing a poster ad. No matter your industry, your audience has more advertising and information available than ever before. To compete, you are going to have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. With a unique, novel video box mailer, your company can do just that.

It’s Cost-Effective

While you may look at video pamphlets and assume that they’re out of your budget, the truth is that they are surprisingly inexpensive. Especially if you order them in bulk. There is relatively little space that needs to be printed on and produced. Also, the device itself doesn’t need wifi or any sort of unnecessary extra gadgets that would increase the cost.

It’s Customizable

Regardless of the route you choose for your company marketing, you want to be able to customize it to fit your company and brand. With video box mailers and pamphlets, you are able to fully customize everything from the logos and color of the device itself to the audio/visual contents of the tool. Regardless of where you take it, people are sure to recognize it as something distinctly “you”.

Video Boxes Are Techy

As a tech company, you want to make sure that your branding and company marketing shows that you utilize and enjoy technology yourselves. Video pamphlets happen to be the perfect way to do that. By using flashy tech in your marketing, you establish your brand as one that is capable of pushing out a quality technical product.

It’s Portable

One of the biggest benefits of traditional pamphlets is their sheer portability. You can take them anywhere from a physical store to an industry convention and are capable of fitting a lot in a relatively small space. The same goes for video pamphlets and video box mailers. They’re easy to transport to events or mail to potential customers. But unlike paper pamphlets that are often ignored and immediately tossed out, a video brochure or box will allow your company marketing material to demand attention.

Bring Your Company Marketing Into the 21st Century With Ideal Content

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