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Why Video Boxes Are Ideal For Product Marketing

Product marketing seems more like magic than a science or art these days. It can seem like unless you have something truly cutting edge, your branding and message gets lost in the crowd. Luckily, custom video boxes are a new way of product marketing sure to make you stand out. Developed by the research and development team here at Ideal Content, these devices are a surefire way to launch your product marketing strategies into the stratosphere. If you want to learn a little more about what they can do for you, here are some ways that custom video boxes can benefit you and your brand.

Custom Video Boxes Have an Innovative Design

Most product marketing materials are easily destroyed, disposable, and are difficult to display. Our custom video boxes are sturdy enough to protect your product sample. In fact, they are able to be propped up for everyone to easily see. Also, you will no longer have to worry about wrinkled, torn paper, or the printing not looking quite as good as what the company promised you. Instead, a video box will be customized to fit your product exactly and is fitted with a screen and speakers that will play an introduction or instructional video to accompany your product. Your customers, brand partners, and potential clients will love receiving one of your custom video boxes.

Stay Competitive

Being able to keep eyes on your product in this day and age is the name of the game. Everyone is looking to compete for your audience’s attention. Finding a unique, novel way to get your branding and message out there is essential to staying competitive. Fortunately, our custom video boxes are eye-catching and easy to use. Furthermore, they display important information about your company and product right away. You’ll never have to waste your own time or your client’s time.


Unlike other product marketing materials, you can customize every detail of your new video box. From specifications to aspect ratios, music, and branding, everything in your product marketing material will be designed and strategized to fit perfectly with your company. We understand that every business is different, and you are looking to create something unique to your company.


Transporting marketing materials can be a huge obstacle in being able to set up your company at an industry event or convention. If you plan on providing product samples, it can be cumbersome to transport and distribute all the specs and information that needs to be included. Plus, pieces of paper are boring and easily lost. With a custom video box, all of the information is included right with the product sample. Of course, it is displayed in a unique, easy-to-follow video. Custom video boxes also make perfect gifts and are easy to send to current clients, potential clients, people you want to work with, and people with large followings that can help spread the word about your product.

Relatively Inexpensive

Most of us are conditioned with the mentality that any kind of tech is expensive. Our devices, however, cost relatively little to produce. Plus, they don’t require the tech aspects that would make them more expensive, such as wifi. Because of this, we are easily able to produce your product marketing materials in bulk, and reduce the cost of your order in proportion to your quantity.

Design Custom Video Boxes Today

If you’re ready to make a change to improve your company’s branding, our video box experts are here to help. Regardless of the project, we value consistency, communication, and quality, and will assist you through every aspect of the project. If you need any help at all in deciding a creative direction or knowing what customizations will work best for you, our team will be happy to guide you. To receive a free quote, contact us via our online form at any time. We pride ourselves in being responsive, detailed, and thorough with every client, no matter the size or industry.

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