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Make an Impact and Set Your Business Apart with a Video Brochure!

A video brochure combines the best elements of video and paper marketing into an innovative physical marketing tool. Video brochures are an effective way to inform your audience, entertain them, and effectively promote your business or product. We will dive into how video brochures can make an impact on marketing campaigns for a company – specifically in terms of building trust with potential customers and generating sales leads.

How Can You Use a Video Brochure?

First, video brochures can be used to set your company apart. Having video content on a website is becoming more and more popular among companies – specifically because it’s engaging for customers. Video allows viewers to see who they are buying from in a way that text alone doesn’t allow them to connect with the business or product owner. Content marketing strategies like this help build trust between you and potential clients (and current ones!). This ultimately results in sales leads down the road!

Second, video brochures can be used to share your story and provide helpful content. As we mentioned in the last section video is a great way to connect with potential customers by sharing who you are as a business or individual. Video can also help businesses promote other types of content like blog posts that they wouldn’t otherwise have time for! Videos should always convey an important message. It should include what your company does, how it benefits people, and why viewers should buy from you. It is not enough to just list features on products/services. In fact, they don’t mean anything if no one knows what they do!

Creating a video brochure doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming, or complicated either. All it takes is some thorough planning so that the video conveys the right message about what makes your company unique. This provides helpful information people want/need without being too promotional. The investment will pay off big dividends when new customers start pouring in due to all of the positive word-of-mouth generated by this marketing strategy!

Powerful Tips for the Videos

The videos in the brochures need to effective and engaging. So, here are some tips for the videos to include in the brochures:

– Make sure your video is cohesive with your brand.

– Keep video length around a minute or less. This is best for user engagement and the attention span of the average viewer.

– Make sure to be clear in both what you’re saying, as well as on-screen visuals! Give your video some variety by including graphics, text slides that highlight key points, etc.

– Include video testimonials from clients to help with trust-building and credibility.

– Make sure there is a call to action at the end of your video. Whether it’s an email sign-up, a subscription box for more content, it should be there!

Now that you know what video brochures are and how they can be used in marketing campaigns, doesn’t adding this type of video content seem like an easy way to improve your business?  Here at Ideal Content, we are one of few companies that specialize in producing video brochures and we make sure to produce high-quality brochures that are in brand with your company. Fill out this form for more information and to get a quote or you can call us at 818-848-6111.

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