Make an Impact and Set Your Business Apart with a Video Brochure!

A video brochure combines the best elements of video and paper marketing into an innovative physical marketing tool. Video brochures are an effective way to inform your audience, entertain them, and effectively promote your business or product. We will dive into how video brochures can make an impact on marketing campaigns for a company – specifically in terms of building trust with potential customers and generating sales leads.

How Can You Use a Video Brochure?

First, video brochures can be used to set your company apart. Having video content on a website is becoming more and more popular among companies – specifically because it’s engaging for customers. Video allows viewers to see who they are buying from in a way that text alone doesn’t allow them to connect with the business or product owner. Content marketing strategies like this help build trust between you and potential clients (and current ones!). This ultimately results in sales leads down the road!

Second, video brochures can be used to share your story and provide helpful content. As we mentioned in the last section video is a great way to connect with potential customers by sharing who you are as a business or individual. Video can also help businesses promote other types of content like blog posts that they wouldn’t otherwise have time for! Videos should always convey an important message. It should include what your company does, how it benefits people, and why viewers should buy from you. It is not enough to just list features on products/services. In fact, they don’t mean anything if no one knows what they do!

Creating a video brochure doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming, or complicated either. All it takes is some thorough planning so that the video conveys the right message about what makes your company unique. This provides helpful information people want/need without being too promotional. The investment will pay off big dividends when new customers start pouring in due to all of the positive word-of-mouth generated by this marketing strategy!

Powerful Tips for the Videos

The videos in the brochures need to effective and engaging. So, here are some tips for the videos to include in the brochures:

– Make sure your video is cohesive with your brand.

– Keep video length around a minute or less. This is best for user engagement and the attention span of the average viewer.

– Make sure to be clear in both what you’re saying, as well as on-screen visuals! Give your video some variety by including graphics, text slides that highlight key points, etc.

– Include video testimonials from clients to help with trust-building and credibility.

– Make sure there is a call to action at the end of your video. Whether it’s an email sign-up, a subscription box for more content, it should be there!

Now that you know what video brochures are and how they can be used in marketing campaigns, doesn’t adding this type of video content seem like an easy way to improve your business?  Here at Ideal Content, we are one of few companies that specialize in producing video brochures and we make sure to produce high-quality brochures that are in brand with your company. Fill out this form for more information and to get a quote or you can call us at 818-848-6111.

Why The Video Brochure Has Been a Powerful Marketing Tool in Recent Years

Video brochures are similar to a paper brochure fold outs except they take it up a notch and feature an audio/visual file inside allowing the user to not only read words on a page, but also see your product in action;. From the cover material to the music and logo placement, nearly every aspect of these pamphlets can be customized to fit your unique needs. Here are some reasons why this particular method of marketing has become so notable and powerful for a variety of businesses in recent years.

People Are More Likely to Notice with a Video Brochure

People are inundated with information at a faster rate than ever these days. To get your voice heard above the noise, it’s important that you find a unique, attention-grabbing way to hold your customer’s interest. One way to do that is to give them a video brochure that describes what you do and establishes your brand. You can communicate the look and sound of your brand on a simple device. No matter the industry, it’s a great way to elevate your brand and bring new eyes to your product.

And Buy

More importantly, they’ll also be more likely to purchase your product, or at least be more interested in learning more. With these marketing materials, you can easily give your customers all the information they need. Plus, they will have the ability to contact you or finalize their purchase later on if they so desire.

And Remember

By utilizing a unique and likely rarely seen approach such as a video brochure, your customers are more likely to remember you through the sheer novelty of how you express information about your business. This means that they are more likely to come back to you whenever they wish to learn more about your product or purchase it. As an added bonus, they will be more likely to talk about it to their friends or across social media.

They Can Be Easily Distributed

Video brochures are fairly portable and lightweight as far as marketing materials go. They can be easily stored and transported without being damaged or lost. And, that is usually the case with most paper pamphlets or flyers. In other words, they can cross many hands easily. They’re also relatively inexpensive to produce, meaning that you can distribute as needed.

They Can Be Displayed Anywhere

From retail locations to conference tables and office spaces, digital brochures are useful. They can both be a stationary item and a portable marketing material. Regardless of how you use it, it’s bound to make quite the impression on people – from colleagues and customers alike.

Bring Your Marketing to the Modern Era With the Video Brochure

Utilizing video brochures for your next marketing campaign is one way to truly bring your branding to the next level. Being in a format your customers can see, touch, and hear, there are plenty of ways that you can communicate your company’s ideas and mission. Ideal Content is a leading producer of video brochures and other smart marketing materials. To see some of what we’ve created, check out our gallery. To get a quote or receive answers to your questions from an expert, please reach out at any time.

How To Use Video Brochures In a Marketing Campaign

Video brochures, or smart brochures, are a unique, eye-catching way to bring your marketing strategy into the 21st century. It is essentially a small folder, binder, or other format that holds a screen to play a video file. It contains all of the information that would be present in a traditional brochure, only more stylish and entertaining. While it may not seem worth the effort, a smart brochure can be the secret that elevates your marketing strategy. Utilizing a bit of insight from our experts, here are some ways that you can utilize it in your next campaign.

Plug The Gap

More traditional marketing materials, such as paper brochures or flyers, tend to not truly convey everything that you may want out of the product. Digital smart brochures can help mitigate that by bringing your product to life. You can do it through moving images, stunning color, and audio elements such as voice-overs and music. Overall, this creates a much more immersive experience that tells a lot with a little.

Be Sure to Customize It

As a business owner, you understand the importance of branding. Of course, like any other marketing materials, smart brochures can be branded and customized to create an experience that’s unique to your company. The font, music, and even texture of the brochure materials can all be changed to fit your needs.

Make Sure It’s Entertaining

While educating your audience through your marketing materials about your services or products is important, it’s also important not to make them too dry or technical (unless your industry calls for it). Making your smart brochure really pop with fun colors, effects, and other video aspects is important to getting eyes on your product and keeping them there. If you make your materials pop enough, you even have the possibility of going viral on certain areas of the internet.

Take It Places

As with traditional paper materials, you want to make sure that you get your video brochures into as many hands as possible. This can be done by taking them to industry events, putting them in retail locations, or anywhere else that you may encounter current or potential clients and customers.

Use It In Kits

Another way that you can get your materials across a variety of hands is by putting your brochures in press kits. They can make a great impression to whoever receives them. With any luck, they’ll find your materials interesting enough to pass it along to the desks of higher-ups. Or, to someone who can make a serious impact on your business, which is the ultimate goal.

Perfect Your Branding Game With Ideal Content

Getting quality materials for your marketing efforts can be intimidating at first. Especially if you’ve had issues with previous campaigns. Fortunately, there is a way to make sure that your branding game is on point and working to increase your overall engagement and sales. Ideal Content is a leading producer of smart brochures and can help you reach your marketing goals. To see some examples of our work, check out our gallery. To get a quote on our services, contact one of our experts at any time. We will be happy to address any questions or comments you may have while planning your next move.

Why Video Marketing Matters For Your Business

There are no mincing words about it. Video content is the way of the future when it comes to any kind of advertisement. Long gone are the days of handing out simple paper flyers that were likely thrown out the second someone reached the nearest trash can. However, having a striking visual presence through a digital brochure is one of the best new ways to establish yourself as a brand, creating a visual identity that leaves an impression. To start, let’s go through some reasons why unique video-based marketing is important:

Everything is Visual

Our world is full to the brim with an abundance of visual information that communicates complex ideas. Billboards, magazine covers, and yes, even video advertisements, all have to be visually interesting and attention-grabbing for an audience that’s not only fast-paced but also easily distracted.

It’s Portable

Information is always in our pockets. Unlike books or magazines, audio/visual files can be easily stored in small electronic devices, such as the phones that we constantly keep with us. The modern consumer expects nearly everything that they need to be easily available to them with the touch of a few buttons rather than having to physically flip through a paper brochure or book and read dry facts. Our video brochures in particular are designed to be lightweight and easy to pass around to colleagues or potential customers.

It Stands Out

Being able to display and pass around custom video content is one excellent way to stand out from your competition. As previously mentioned, your audience is constantly looking for exciting, new experiences, and custom video content is one way to offer them just that. Our digital brochures and other services allow you to express your brand in new, creative ways that will be able to communicate to your clients or customers exactly what your business does while getting them excited to learn more.

It’s Accessible

Putting content in an audio/visual format is a great way to allow for the largest number of people (some of whom may be blind or hard of hearing) to access your branding and message. Providing captions, allowing for brightness on the screen to be adjusted, and audio narrating what’s going on in your video brochure are all great ways for you to give some accessibility to your advertisement.

You Can be Creative

The sheer amount of creative options you have with a digital brochure can be somewhat overwhelming at times. Your video’s color scheme, actors, props, editing, setting, and even music all go a long way to communicating who you are and what you do. Plus, you are able to completely customize your video brochure from the material it’s made of to the format it’s presented in and right down to the font that’s used for any text.

Perfect Your Branding Game With a Digital Brochure

Putting out advertising and branding materials isn’t just about parroting basic information that anyone can get about your company through a Google search. Your branding deserves a unique, unprecedented approach that your customers will be surprised and delighted by. Every step of the way, our team at Ideal Content will work tirelessly to provide you with quality content that you and your customers alike will love, regardless of your industry. To learn more about our video brochures, check out our gallery, or contact us to connect with one of our experts.